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We’ve written in the past about college visits – when and where to tour, what to ask, ways to make the most of your time on college campuses.  Given that we’re heading towards high school spring break time, now is a great time to post this short webinar with a few tips on college visits and college tours.

This post has a longer version of the essential “dos” and “don’ts” of college visits, and was the catalyst for our creating our handy-dandy Campus Visit Packet, which you may download below.  After you visit a handful of colleges, some of them are going to run together in your head……so make sure to take notes, and take a few pictures on your phone.  More importantly – make sure your teenager takes notes!  How did s/he feel on each campus?  What stood out?  What did s/he like and hate?  What will life be like there in the four year (hopefully four – not more!) path to graduation?  Sometimes you don’t realize what you “must have” until you’ve experienced a few college campuses – make sure to note those evolving preferences!

In the short video clip above, I give you a few tips for your college visits.  Here’s one I didn’t mention, though.  When you go on college tours, resist the temptation to visit the bookstore and buy the t-shirt, or the sweatshirt, or the baseball hat.  You may find that your $32 (or $64) souvenir may end up a despised possession if your child ends up not being admitted – people have told me stories about their kids cutting the t-shirt into little bits, or setting it on fire – or worse!  Save your money for textbooks.  They’re expensive today!

As colleges look to build a class, they base their decision on the obvious factors of grades and test scores, but some other factors as well.  Today, colleges really care about how well you will fit into and contribute to their community.  Your college visits can help you see and feel where you fit, which will later help you articulate that in your college essays!  So pay attention on your college tours!

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Our Campus Visit Packet is below – feel free to download and print one for each college you visit.
Magellan College Counseling Campus Visit Packet

And if you need some help as you walk through this very exciting process, we’re here to help!

p.s. We’re doing free webinars the first Sunday of every month – join us for the next one on April 5th!



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