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The college admissions process – getting into college – has become stressful and complicated, not just for teenagers, but for their families as well. You may have heard about some secret formula for getting into the most highly selective colleges. But there’s no mystery, no checklist, no simple six-step process.

Magellan’s counselors help students identify their priorities, research ‘best-fit’ colleges, find their authentic voice, and articulate what they have to offer their new community - all while ensuring mom and dad don't have to push at every step.  

College Counseling Services for 9th, 10th & 11th Graders

What Do College Counselors Do?

Students from 38,000 high schools in the United States, plus more from around the world, all compete for coveted spots at highly selective colleges. The process is complicated, stressful, full of decisions, forms, finances…and deadlines. A good college counselor knows this. A GREAT college counselor walks you through it all... with far less stress.


Magellan’s college advisors help students consider their priorities for their college experience, as well as introspect on what they have to offer a college community.


Magellan counselors work with students to identify good-fit colleges in all probability categories:  reach, target and likely.


With consultation services starting in 9th grade, Magellan counselors help students and parents map out their high school curriculum, as well as optimize extra-curricular and summer activities.


Our online college application management system helps students stay organized and on-task!  Magellan counselors help students get all the details right with this crucial part of the college application process.

Of course, there's a long list that goes into each one of those items. More than anything, we help our students and parents get through the process successfully and with less stress and more peace of mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few questions we are asked regularly by parents and students.

The short answer is that the earlier you begin working with a college counselor, the less stress you will have when applying to college. That's because you will have had an opportunity to build a personal history through high school that is geared towards the colleges you want to get into. Learn more about our college counseling services for 9th, 10th and 11th graders here, and our college counseling services for high school seniors.

About Magellan College Counseling

Magellan College Counseling has offices in Los Angeles (including the San Fernando Valley, West LA, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks) and anywhere you are.

Our services include helping to plan high school classes and extra-curricular activities, helping families plan their standardized testing timeline, creating a balanced college list, help with college essays, and assistance with the all stages of actual college applications.

And we're still with you when the acceptance letters start coming in.

While we're known for our college counseling in Los Angeles, we also serve clients all over the country with our remote counseling service. So if you're looking for "college counselors near me" and you are not in or near L.A., don't worry. We can help no matter where you are, and we do it every day.

Learn more about all our college counseling services here. Or if you're thinking about relying on your high school college counseling services, read this first.

And if you've just got questions, call or contact us by email. We're happy to answer them for you.

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