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You have a college-bound child! You must be feeling excited and terrified at the same time. Don't worry, we're here to help.

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Getting into the right college is becoming a more difficult challenge every year. College costs are rising; competition at top schools has increased...

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The college admission process is far more complex and competitive than it used to be. And the counselors at your high school are probably responsible...

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There's a fire hose of information out there about colleges and the application process. Unfortunately, it's not all accurate.

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Your college list may the be the single most important part of your college admission process! The magic, we always say, is in the list.

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About Magellan College Counseling

Magellan College Counseling helps high school students and their families navigate the college admission process, with an emphasis on reducing stress - both yours and theirs.  From planning curriculum and extra-curricular activities, making decisions about standardized testing, building a balanced college list, and the ever-more-important college essays, #TeamPenguin guides our students through all stages of the college application process.

Our college counselors are located and work with students throughout the United States.  In today’s world, you can choose to work with a college counselor near you, or choose a counselor based on who will work best with your child.

Learn more about all our college counseling services here. Or if you're thinking about relying on your high school college counseling services, read this first.

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If you've got questions about your child's college search and application process, call or contact us. We're happy to answer them for you.