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Welcome to Magellan College Counseling

As college counselors, we help students and families navigate the college search process. 

The college admissions process – getting into college – has become stressful and complicated, not just for teenagers, but for their families as well. Magellan College Counseling helps students and families explore, prepare for and apply to the colleges that fit them academically, socially and emotionally. We do it by demystifying and simplifying the college admissions process. Our college counseling services result in a more organized and less stressful college search, and often, more college acceptances.

Part of the frustration in the college application process is knowing when to start, where to start and how to proceed. Some high schools don’t offer college counseling assistance until the fall of students’ senior year, and unfortunately, many families students end up with a … Read More

College Deposit Deadline

Submit your deposit and statement of intent to register at ONE college by May 1!

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Students! Log in here to access your Magellan College Counseling account. If you don't have an account yet, contact us and let's begin working on your future in college!

Our students have recently been admitted into these fine colleges.

Accepted to Wisconsin
Accepted to Washington University
Accepted to Wheaton College
Accepted to University of Oregon
According of University of San Diego
Accepted of University of San Francisco
Accepted to USC
Accepted to UCSB
Accepted to the University of Arizona
Accepted to Scripps
Accepted to Berkeley University
Accepted to University of Colorado Boulder
Accepted to Portland State University
Accepted to UC Davis
Accepted to UCI
Accepted to SFSU
Accepted to SJSU
Accepted to Sarah Lawrence College
Accepted to Northern Arizona University
Accepted to San Diego State University
Accepted to Johns Hopkins University
Accepted to MIT
Accepted to Indiana University
Accepted to Cornell University
Accepted to GWU
Accepted to Chapman University
Accepted to California State University
Accepted to CSUN
Accepted to Cal Poly
Accepted to Bradley University
Accepted to Emory University
Accepted to Johns Hopkins University
Accepted to Arizona State University
Accepted to Washington State University
Accepted to USC
Accepted to Wela
Accepted to Stanford University
Accepted to Princeton University
Accepted to Point Park University
Accepted to Barnard 125th Anniversary

What our clients are saying…

We get Thank You notes all the time! Read about some of recent successful clients.

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About Magellan College Counseling

College counselors Los Angeles

Magellan College Counseling can work with you in person or remotely.

Magellan College Counseling has offices in Los Angeles (including the San Fernando Valley, West LA, Beverly Hills, Thousand Oaks) and Boston, and anywhere you are.

Our services include helping to plan high school classes and extra-curricular activities, helping families plan their standardized testing timeline, creating a balanced college list, help with college essays, and assistance with the all stages of actual college applications.

And we're still with you when the acceptance letters start coming in.

While we're known for our college counseling in Los Angeles and Boston, we also serve clients all over the country with our remote counseling service. So if you're looking for "college counselors near me" and you are not in LA or Boston, don't worry. We can help no matter where you are, and we do it every day.

Learn more about all our college counseling services here. Or if you're thinking about relying on your high school college counseling services, read this first.

And if you've just got questions, call or contact us by email. We're happy to answer them for you.