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College Counseling SuccessCollege counseling success stories are motivating. We’ve had students in almost every situation go through our program and end up at a great college!

Our clients have been accepted to thousands of colleges, and we often receive notes from the students or parents thanking us for our help in guiding them through the difficult, time consuming and stressful college application process. These are just a few of the thank you notes we receive, with some background information about these college acceptance success stories. Become a Magellan client and some day you might also be writing us a note like these!

Working With An Independent Educational Consultant

Many people think that only superstar, top-scoring students can benefit from working with an independent educational consultant (IEC).  Not true!  In reality, IECs help students at all academic performance levels find the best education for the best value. Independent educational consultants often have more flexibility and more time to spend with each student, as they […]

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Reflections on Going Away for College

My senior year, aka college application year, of high school was a wild year of joy and sadness.  I applied to 9 universities and was admitted to four. In the end, I chose University of Miami as my home for the next four years.  As a San Fernando Valley native, I applied to many schools outside […]

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Princeton Interview

How to Survive a Princeton Interview

Brentwood School student Adam had applied to college on his own, and Princeton was his number one choice – he applied Early Action. When Adam requested a Princeton interview, he was assigned a Wall Street Journal reporter as his interviewer!As you can imagine, this was quite intimidating, and he knew he needed help preparing for […]

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