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Highlighting Community Service in College Applications

Students and parents frequently ask us how they can highlight their community service in college applications.  While community service is not required for admission to highly selective colleges, it is definitely one way to show colleges your involvement in your community, your values and the way you choose to spend your time.  Here are five […]

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Applying to the UCs

[Note:  this is a pretty long article – but chock-full of great info if you are applying to the UCs!] Lisa Przekop’s son was denied admission at UCSB a few years back.  She’s in good company – many students were not admitted – but she’s the Director of Admissions at UCSB.  Admission to the University […]

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Which Test Scores Should I Send To Colleges?

As your high school senior (eek!  we’re a senior now!) moves through college applications, you may find yourself with a question that hadn’t occurred to you before:  Which test scores should I send to colleges? The answer (frustrating, we know – this is the answer to most every question parents ask us!) is “it depends.” […]

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Five Things An Independent College Counselor Can Do For Your Student

Five things an independent #college counselor can do to help your high school student explore and apply to college! — Evelyn Alexander (@EvelynMagellan) January 29, 2015 Spend the time that you AND your student need to understand the process and come up with the best results.  Unfortunately, public school counselors have such large caseloads […]

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College Financial Aid

College financial aid is a complicated issue, and it seems like there’s almost too much information out there, making it difficult to figure out what applies to your family’s situation.  We’ve curated some resources here to try to simplify the issues, and so you can have a number of resources related to college financial aid […]

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Completing the Common Application – a Step-by-Step Guide

Completing the Common App – a Step-by-Step Guide

This is your step-by-step, section-by-section guide to completing the Common App!  Below you’ll find instructional videos that will guide you through each section of the third “tab” in the Common Application – which is the heart of the application itself. We hope these short videos will answer your questions about each section of the Common […]

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Time for Test Prep!

As college counselors, we frequently meet with test prep professionals who work both in person and online.  Several test prep companies are offering special discounts and packages as the summer winds down.  Take advantage of these opportunities! Catalyst Prep founder Jared Friedland offers an 8-session online test prep course this month.  See the flyer below […]

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Princeton Interview

Why You Shouldn’t Apply to All Eight Ivy League Schools

Many people mistakenly believe that applying to a larger number of “reach” or top-tier schools increases the chances of being admitted to one.  There are two big reasons why this belief not only is wrong, but jeopardizes students’ chances of admission to even one of the top schools on their lists. Reason #1 Why You […]

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