Spotlight on Interesting Majors: Functional Design

Who knew that fashion and engineering could be combined?  Introducing Functional Design.  It’s a “design process that begins with empathy,” says University of Delaware researcher Martha Hall, who has training in both fashion design and engineering.  Hall directs a research lab in which undergraduates use technology to design medical devices with a fashionable twist – … Read more

Studying Engineering in College

People think engineers are nerdy math and science geeks – but really, they’re creative problem-solvers!  This post is for you if you’re considering studying engineering in college. First of all, “engineering” isn’t just one thing!  There are so many ways to approach a problem using engineering skills, which is why there are many, many different … Read more

Some Ethical Issues in College Admissions

As adults, every now and then, we find ourselves presented with situations that require us to consider the ethical implications of our actions.  Teenagers, looking to us to help them define right and wrong, take cues from the choices we make. The college admission process is fraught with examples of ethical issues, as well as … Read more

California Public University Applications UP UP UP

There are nine undergraduate campuses in the University of California system:  Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara.  There are 23 campuses in the California State University system (map to the right). California public schools graduate about half a million high school seniors every year – that’s just from … Read more

More About Grade Inflation

Did you know that almost half of all graduating high school seniors in 2016 had an “A” average GPA? Almost half. We posted this article on grade inflation last year, but it’s worth returning to this topic as it’s important for you, as a parent, to know what college admissions officers are talking about. Last … Read more

College Financial Aid

College financial aid is a complicated issue, and it seems like there’s almost too much information out there, making it difficult to figure out what applies to your family’s situation.  We’ve curated some resources here to try to simplify the issues, and so you can have a number of resources related to college financial aid … Read more

Should I Apply Early Decision?

Before answering the question, “should I apply Early Decision,” we need to get our terminology clear: Early Decision is a BINDING contract between the student and the school.  If you are admitted, you are going, no ifs, ands or buts (the one exception to this is if you are not offered a financial aid package … Read more

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