Magellan’s Independent College Counselors

Getting into the right college is becoming a more difficult challenge every year.  College costs are rising; competition at top schools has increased; and in general, the process is much more complicated than it was when most of today's parents applied to college. That’s why Magellan College Counseling has ten independent college counselors to serve parents and students nationwide.

Although our college counselors are located in specific cities, we work with many of our clients remotely via video conferences and telephones and and can serve you and your child no matter where you are. Find our independent college counselors in:

At Magellan, we help students and families navigate the college search process.  Our goal is to make finding and getting into the right college easier, less stressful, more successful, more fun and often, less expensive.  Each of our college counselors is a college admissions professional with years of experience and membership in professional college counseling organizations.

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Northern California College Counselors

Evelyn Alexander

College Counselor Evelyn Alexander is passionate about helping students get into college.  Her dedicated approach to guiding students on how to best present themselves and their accomplishments in college applications has resulted in her helping hundreds of students get into great colleges and universities all over the country.

Evelyn founded Magellan College Counseling in 2011 after spending 15 years as a volunteer… Read more about Evelyn Alexander

College Counselor Evelyn Alexander
College Counselor Evelyn Alexander

Los Angeles College Counselors

Diane Bidna

With over 7 years as a college counselor and 20+ years in corporate meeting and event planning, college counselor Diane Bidna has a keen eye for details. She has worked as a counselor both in a high school setting as well as independently, and has advised students of all levels including IB, AP and college prep. Diane strives to help students create a diverse list of schools that are a good fit for each student, instead of focusing solely on “brand name” schools. Read more about Diane Bidna

College Counselor Diane Bidna
College Counselor Diane Bidna

Diana Hanson

Los Angeles college counselor Diana Hanson is committed to helping students and their families prepare for college.  Her career as an independent college counselor began in 2005 and she has assisted students with every aspect of applying to college.  From selecting a college list to preparing a college application, Diana guides students through the entire process.

Diana taught English Composition at… Read more about Diana Hanson

College Counselor Diana Hanson
College Counselor Diana Hanson

Debbie Liebert

College counselor Debbie Liebert has always been passionate about college, the college experience, and helping students find the right college match.  Debbie’s undergraduate experience at USC, where she met her husband of 35 years, changed her life, and she wants every student to have a great college experience like she did.

That wonderful college experience starts with finding exactly the right college.  But Debbie knows that finding the right college is...  Read more about Debbie Liebert

College Counselor Debbie Liebert
College Counselor Debbie Liebert

Fay Taragan

In working with students and parents, Calabasas college counselor Fay Taragan utilizes skills honed during her tenure in the corporate and later, the non-profit world, to now guide her clients as they navigate their path to college.  Fay is committed to empowering high school students by providing them with the tools, techniques and thought processes to move from exploration to application to acceptance.

She approaches her role as a college counselor in a collaborative way, encouraging her students to… Read more about Fay Taragan


Donna White

Donna White is a lifelong learner, and her non-traditional educational path informs her work in guiding students to the right college. Donna started Berkshire Community College at age 24, earning her associate’s degree in marketing. After moving to California with her husband and 18 month old daughter, Donna completed her BS at Pepperdine in business administration, and went on to earn an MBA. Read more about Donna White

College Counselor Donna White
College Counselor Donna White

Suzie Wynne

After a long career in law, college counselor Suzie Wynne decided to follow her passion for helping students explore colleges and make the right college choices.  Suzie became an independent college counselor to fulfill this passion, and now finds joy in helping students prepare for college.  She believes it’s very important to… Read more about Suzie Wynne

College Counselor Suzie Wynne
College Counselor Suzie Wynne

San Diego College Counselors

Caleb Fitzpatrick

Caleb is a uniquely qualified college counselor with more than 20 years of diverse professional experience in business and education. He spent the first part of his career working for various financial companies in Sydney, Australia in marketing and client services. Upon moving back to California in 2000, Caleb earned a teaching credential from Cal State San Marcos and worked as a substitute teacher in North San Diego County school districts while being a stay-at-home dad for his son, now 15. Read more about Caleb Fitzpatrick

College Counselor Caleb Fitzpatrick
College Counselor Caleb Fitzpatrick

Fort Collins College Counselors

Chris Savage

Chris has been helping students from various backgrounds thrive in all areas of their lives as a public high school counselor since 2014, first in Los Angeles and now in Fort Collins, Colorado. Seeking additional capacity to help students prepare for college, Chris earned his College Counseling Certificate from UCLA. Chris believes that students know themselves better than anyone, and finds great satisfaction in helping his students learn to advocate for themselves. Read more about Chris Savage

College Counselor Chris Savage

Austin College Counselors

Lesa Kinnear Weber

Lesa wants to help with managing your family’s time and stress through the exciting college search and application process. She meets with local clients in their homes, and clients across the country by video conference. Read more about Lesa Kinnear Weber

College Counselor Lesa Weber

Chicago College Counselors

Kathy Kelleher

Kathy Kelleher has a true knack for the college planning process. After single-handedly directing the college application process of her four kids, all of whom were admitted to top colleges around the country, Kathy became a trusted resource for college admissions information within the community, particularly at soccer games, dance competitions, tennis matches, women’s groups and carpool lines.

Combining her marketing and research skills from a background in… Read more about Kathy Kelleher

College Counselor Kathy Kelleher
College Counselor Kathy Kelleher
Hank helps us take the stress out of the college admission process. He's been known to snuggle with clients who visit Evelyn's office.

Hank helps us take the stress out of the college admission process. He's been known to snuggle with clients who visit Evelyn's office.


Chloe is the "Gatekeeper of Grammar." She'll make sure your essays are grammatically flawless!

We offer both local in-person college counseling as well as remote college counseling.  Find out which of our independent college counselors is the best for you and your student.

Reach out via our contact form or call us at 877-5-MAGGIE (877-562-4443).

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