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College Counseling Expert Evelyn AlexanderCollege counseling expert Evelyn Alexander is often interviewed by the media for her college counseling advice and expertise. She is often also asked to share her knowledge with the public, both online and in print. In these articles and interviews, Evelyn offers college counseling tips and advice for getting into the right college. For interview requests, please contact Evelyn here.

College Financial Aid

College financial aid is a complicated issue, and it seems like there’s almost too much information out there, making it difficult to figure out what applies to your family’s situation.  We’ve curated some resources here to try to simplify the issues, and so you can have a number of resources related to college financial aid […]

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College Search Process

The College Search Process – What Parents Need to Know

The college search process can be confusing, can’t it? As a college counselor, I’ve answered many questions from parents who wonder how they their high school child can get into a “good” college. You might worry whether your child has the right activities or honors classes. Planning for college doesn’t have to be a mystery! Tier One […]

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When To Search For A College

When to Search for a College: A College Counselor’s Advice

Parents, when will you start searching for colleges for your high school aged child? I hope the answer is before their senior year.  Waiting until the last minute is common when applying to college – and it’s a mistake!  Some schools receive applications just minutes before their deadlines.  And they can tell when students submit […]

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