Livestream Interview Series, Spring 2020

In the spring of 2020, while we all sheltered in place, wondered whether colleges were going to open in the fall and revised our SAT/ACT prep schedules, Magellan decided to leverage all of the relationships we’ve built over the past 10 years and bring you livestreamed interviews to answer your college admission questions.

This series goes live every Thursday at 5:30 pm PDT, 8:30 pm EDT, live on our Facebook page, through July 16.

If you missed any of the interviews, we will continue to update this page with the videos.  The link for the entire livestream series playlist, which we are also updating weekly, is here.

Week 1: I interviewed Jake Adams, founder of PCH Tutors, and we discussed testing, test prep, the AP exams and other testing-related topics.

Week 2:  I interviewed Suzie Wynne, who has been my colleague at Magellan College Counseling for about 6 years.  Suzie gave us great tips about how to approach the college search and application process – with an eye on maintaining your sanity!

Week 3:  I interviewed Libby Browne, Regional Associate Director of Admission at the University of Rochester.  U of R is test-optional, and Libby and I discussed how colleges make decisions about admitting students when they aren’t considering test scores.  A must-watch!

Week 4:  I interviewed Lynn O’Shaughnessy, financial journalist and founder of The College Solution, where she hosts an informative blog and also an online course for parents interested in learning how to reduce the cost of college.

Week 5:  I interviewed Anne Wager, founder of Corsava (the system we use to help students prioritize their wants and “must-haves” for their college experience), and Chuck Liddiard of the University of Delaware.  We discussed ways to determine which colleges are right for you!

Week 6:  I interviewed Dr. Karyn Koven, founder of a Los Angeles charter school and LanguageBird.  We discussed the importance of extra-curricular activities in college applications.


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