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Magellan has 12 independent educational consultants across the country. Evelyn, Debbie, Suzie, Fay and Diana are based in the Los Angeles area.

The experience of searching for and applying to college can be stressful on the entire family.

Your teenager may be anxious about not meeting your expectations – or their own.

And you’re probably concerned about their future.

Our team of trained, professional college counselors guides each student and family through the process, helping students find the college experience where they will grow academically, socially and emotionally.  Our goal is to minimize everyone’s stress.

What makes us different from other independent educational consultants, or college counselors?

We view this as a two-phase process.  

Phase 1 is the college search.  We help kids explore college options – there are 2,200 four year colleges out there – to find the ones that fit.  We help them explore their own strengths, talents and expectations to build the best college list for them.

Phase 2 is college applications.  That’s when we help kids tell their story and present those strengths in the most compelling way.  And submit applications long before the last minute.

Families who start early and complete both phases with us get better results than those who start later or are inflexible about their college list.

We’re a team.

When you work with Magellan College Counseling, you’re paired with the counselor on our team who is the best fit for your child.  That will be your lead counselor.  But we meet regularly to talk about our clients, so you’ll get the benefit of the rest of our team’s collective wisdom.  Another counselor may offer a suggestion for your child’s college list, or review your child’s college essay behind the scenes.

We’re professional.

Unfortunately, there is no licensure in the field of college advising.  Literally anyone whose kid has been admitted to a highly selective school can hang out a shingle and start charging people for advice…and they do.  At Magellan, every single one of our counselors has a Certificate in College Counseling, and every single one of us is a member of at least one professional organization.  We all visit colleges, attend conferences and stay in constant touch with the ever-changing world of college admissions to give you the most accurate guidance.

Check out each of our bio pages to see the professional organizations in which we are active members.

We may cost a little bit more, and that’s why. You’ve made sure your accountant has the right training, and your doctor is up-to-date on the latest medical technologies.  You wouldn’t necessarily choose the painter or therapist with the lowest price – you’re looking for the one who is best qualified and fits your needs.

Make sure your college counselor is qualified to give you and your child the support you both need to get the results you want at the culmination of this exciting journey.

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