Interested in Video Game Design? These Colleges Could Be For You!

Are you interested in studying to become a video game designer?  It’s a hot field now, as interactive personal devices grow, so will the job market for new media designers.

The Princeton Review recently published a list of the top undergraduate schools for video game design – click here to see the Top 10, plus 22 “honorable mentions.”

If you’re a junior – you might want to do some more research on these schools. If you’re a 9th or 10th grader – it’s not too early to start looking – and you might also want to check into summer programs at these (and other) schools to see if video game design is really your passion.  For example, the Massachusetts Digital Game Institute (MassDiGI), based at Becker College (#10 on the list) has a new summer innovation program in which students can learn how to program video games from the beginning stage.

Taking summer courses is a great way to get colleges to see that you are serious about the field you want to study.  For more ideas about summer enrichment programs, visit Enrichment Alley, click on “Search for a Program,” and then “Summer.”

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