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When you have a high school senior, the day the first college acceptance letter arrives is the day everyone in your house starts to breathe again.  We published a short post a few weeks ago with some details on how our clients were doing – many of them had already submitted applications and had already received acceptance letters.  We referred to this information as “ROI” on hiring a college counselor because while many students wait until the very last minute to submit their college applications, we push students to get their applications submitted early, which sometimes results in early acceptance letters.

Here’s an update on how the 50 seniors with whom our team has been working are doing so far:

  • 45 students have submitted 380 college applications
  • applications have been submitted to 142 different colleges*
  • 26 of our clients have received acceptance letters
  • 31 different colleges have admitted our students so far

* Why is this number important?  It’s important because it shows that we take an individualized approach to each student.  We don’t just offer the same list of 15-25 colleges to everyone.  It also shows that we know our stuff.  We may not have visited ALL 2,200 four-year colleges out there, but we’ve visited MANY of them (see our write ups here – outside of CAand here – CA colleges) and we recommend that our clients explore a wide variety of colleges as they do their college research.

The student in that post from a month ago?  He received 2 more college acceptance letters this week.  He’s one of four of our students with four or more college acceptances right now!

Oh yes – and our clients have also been offered over $700,000 in merit-based scholarships ALREADY.  And it’s not even December 1 yet!

When people ask us what the ROI – return on investment – is when they are considering hiring an independent educational consultant, we ask them, what exactly is the value of less stress in your household?

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