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If you have a 10th or 11th grader, now is a great time to start branching out and learning about all of the great colleges out there in our country.  Don’t limit your college list just to the names you know – this is a recipe for bad news.  Colleges are doing an amazing job of putting information online to make it easy for you to access, so take advantage!

Don’t forget to take notes when you attend virtual college fairs!  You can download our guide below:

And if you feel you need a little bit of help navigating the process, please reach out – earlier is better than late.  We can help reduce your and your teen’s stress.  You can also sign up to receive our (free) monthly newsletter at the very bottom of this page.

The College Board is sponsoring efforts to help you learn more about colleges all over the country!  Different sessions by region – all of the information is here.

Hillel International presents a college fair April 5-7 to help students learn more about Jewish life on campus.  There are sessions for parents and students about Greek life, anti-Semitism, study in Israel and other topics important to Jewish students.  Sign up here.

Don’t overlook the middle of the country!  There are AMAZING colleges there.  The Associated Colleges of the Midwest partners with the Great Lakes Colleges Association to bring you information about over two dozen colleges in the Midwest April 6-8.  Give them a chance – sign up for a session and learn something new!

Upcoming Events

April 14 and April 28:  Regional Admissions Counselors of California will host a college showcase with both topic discussions (like considering out of state colleges, writing your college essay, etc) and meeting rooms with six colleges presenting information.  Sign up here.

DOZENS of colleges are presenting at this amazing event hosted by the Rocky Mountain Association for College Admission Counseling, with multiple options available on April 22 and April 26Take a look and sign up for one!

(The events below have passed)

Colleges That Change Lives is an amazing organization of smaller, liberal arts colleges.  Yes, there’s school spirit on small campuses!  You’ll have small class sizes and immediate attention from professors.  Check out their online college fair next Tuesday and Wednesday (note the sessions are listed in CENTRAL time zone):

CTCL Virtual College Fair

The National Catholic College Admission Association is also hosting a fair next Thursday – each session will feature six different colleges.  Sign up for one of the time slots and learn about a college you don’t know much about yet!

The National Catholic College Admission Association Virtual College Fair

The following week, on Monday 3/29, a number of colleges will present information to help LGBTQ++ students navigate their college search.  In addition to college information sessions, there will also be sessions on topics specific to these students (like, “should I come out in my college essay?”).  Sign up here:

LGBTQ+ Virtual College Fair

That same week, March 29, a number of schools that focus on engineering and tech will offer a joint college fair, featuring information sessions about the colleges as well as different topics related to your college search and application process.  Sign up here:

CACHET Virtual College Fair

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