Underrated Colleges

I started a blog post a few months back encouraging you to consider colleges you may never have heard of before.  I haven’t finished it yet but this concept is a very important one.  After you put aside the names you know, be willing to look one level deeper – the point, after all, is to find a college where your student will fit academically and socially.  I spend a good amount of time with juniors on this part of the college search process.

Business Insider magazine just published this list of the 25 most underrated colleges in the U.S.  I couldn’t agree more that many of these colleges fly under the radar but give students an amazing experience!!  I’ve personally visited a number of these colleges – and many others – and can vouch for the opportunities they provide for students.

I met with a rising senior yesterday who told me about a close friend who applied to a number of colleges last year – UCs and some big-name east coast schools – and was not accepted to any of the colleges to which he applied.  This is a horrible situation for a 17-year old, and it’s why I work so hard to develop a list of colleges that are practical and appropriate for each student.

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