UCs and CSUs: A Few Tips

As application season is underway, here are a few tips and notes about the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) applications.

uc_logo coorThe UC Application is open!  It’s one application for all nine undergraduate campuses, with a $70 application fee for each campus.  You can fill it out but you can’t submit your UC application until November 1.  You will need to enter information from your transcript to help them see that you have met the a-g requirements, but they do not want your school to SEND a transcript until after you decide to enroll.  Additionally, there are two required essays for the UCs (prompts here), and a space for additional information if you have an unusual circumstance you feel you need to explain.

As of the high school Class of 2021, the UC system is test-blind.  They will not use SAT or ACT scores in admission decisions.

None of the UC campuses require or allow teacher recommendations.

Occasionally, UC Berkeley and UCLA message students in January or February and ask them to clarify some aspects of their application, or give updated information since submitting in November.

For a fairly detailed explanation of how the UC campuses approach applications, check out this blog post.

California-State-University-logoThe CSU system has 23 undergraduate campuses, and students can apply to one or all of the campuses from the same online application, called Cal State Apply. The CSU application does not open until October 1, and there are no essays or teacher recommendations!  You will need to enter information from your transcript to help them see that you  have met the admission requirements.  You will also need to have your SAT or ACT scores sent directly from the testing agency.

  • If you are sending SAT scores, you can send them to the CSU Mentor, which is code 3594.  All CSU campuses will receive your scores this way.
  • If you are sending ACT scores, you can send them to one CSU campus, and then later you will need to use the ACT Score Manager function within your CSU Mentor account to send those scores to other campuses.

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