Tweets from the UC Counselor Conference

Suzie and Evelyn spent a full day at UCLA last week, talking with admissions staff from all nine undergraduate UC campuses.  When we heard interesting news, we tweeted it!  Here’s a summary!

As the UC applicant pool has grown, many California students (and their parents) have become frustrated.  The UCs know this!

Updates from the different campuses:

News/info about the UC application itself:

What do you need to know about the two UC personal statements?  Here are some tips:

You only need to send your transcript to the ONE UC campus at which you enroll (if you do).  But make sure your school sends it before July 1!

News for the Class of 2017:

Lots more info about the UC application process in this post, and this one.  A few more tidbits:

If you are applying to multiple UC campuses, just send your SAT or ACT scores to ONE campus.  They will share with the other campuses to which you apply!

You can fill out your UC application entirely now, but you can’t submit it before November 1.  And you can’t submit it after November 30.  Half – YES HALF – of the 100,000+ applicants to the UC system submit their applications in the final weekend before it’s due.  Don’t be one of those students!  Submit early = less stress!

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