Make the Most of Your Junior Year

Junior year – here we go!  It’s super-important in the grand scheme of your college search and application experience.

In the short video to the right, Michelle and Evelyn give you a few tips to make the most of your junior year:

Visit some colleges!  Local, far away from home, doesn’t really matter – we’re trying to figure out the TYPE of college you like at the beginning.  Visit large colleges, small colleges, urban and less-so, just to get a feel for the type of college environment that will make you happy and help you be successful.

Start building relationships with your teachers!  You’ll probably end up asking a few teachers from junior year – THIS YEAR – to write your college recommendation letters.  Help them advocate for you by diving into your coursework, being actively engaged in class, asking for help outside of class.  You can just go in to spend time with a teacher, talking about topics of mutual interest!  The more they know about you and your interests, the stronger their letters will be.

Do well in your classes!  This is the year to hit it out of the park.  Whether you started strong or dipped a bit in high school, your junior year grades will be the last full year of grades colleges will see when you submit your college applications.  Dig deep and work hard for the best possible grades you can get.

A few more tips we didn’t cover in this video:

Take on some leadership responsibilities!  Whether it’s a school activity, a sport, a family responsibility or something in your community –  take the lead on a project, group or organization.  Find a way to make an impact – and track how much of a difference you have made.  Metrics are important!

Start thinking about your priorities!  Both for your college environment and your academic path.  It’s ok to be undecided, but it’s nice to have spent some time thinking about what you may want to study.

Narrow down your extra-curricular activities.  You don’t have to do 10 things.  Choose the FEW things that are really meaningful to you, and pour your time and effort into those.  You’ll have more to say about three activities you’re super-involved in than a bunch of things you do just minimally.

Your college admission journey is just getting started – don’t forget to enjoy your junior year of high school!

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