Time to Think About Summer

It’s early March, we’ve sprung forward, now it’s time to think about what your high school student will be doing this summer!  Whether it’s an official program, an intensive volunteer opportunity, a paying job, taking responsibility for younger siblings or older grandparents, pretty much anything is more impressive than hanging out at the beach all summer.

summer_logoThe earlier you plan, the more time your student will actually have to do what they want.  So I’ve compiled a list of interesting summer programs, both in the Los Angeles area and across the country.  The final page has some interesting visual and performing arts programs to consider.  All links are clickable an the pdf document is downloadable below.

This list is definitely not comprehensive!  I’ll be updating it and posting another list within a few weeks – but there’s no time like the present to start looking at programs you could consider.  Some offer college credit, some offer test prep and/or college essay writing practice.  These are all great options!

If you’re concerned about spending money, no worries.  You do not HAVE to send your child to this kind of program.  Just keep in mind that colleges are looking for depth of involvement and commitment.  As an independent college counselor, I’m looking for something that sparks the student’s interest, and something that could make for a great college essay down the road.

Feel free to call if you’d like to discuss the importance of summer programming!  Here’s my current list; check back for updates soon.

Interesting Summer Programs 2013

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  1. A great way to find out about summer opportunities is to take the PSAT as a Freshman and Sophomore (as long as you have finished geometry) and score WELL. Your student will get invites from colleges and private enrichment programs since they buy the data and want to attract bright kids to their summer programs.


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