The Ultimate College App Payoff – #Admitted!

One of our clients received her first college acceptance letter last week.

It’s August.

How did she do it!?

She sent in her test scores, buckled down and completed an application, start to finish, drafted an essay she thought fit the school, and submitted.

The Ultimate College App Payoff – #Admitted!You see, college admission offices aren’t overrun with stacks of files in August.  So they had time to review her file, see that she met their admission requirements (actually exceeded them!), and get back to her with the best news a student could want – You’re IN!

While we understand that it’s hard to let go – if I just edit this one more time and change this one phrase……..the truth is, there is probably a school on your list that would admit you right now if you would only just give them the chance.  And if there isn’t, there probably should be.

That first acceptance letter shatters the tension – both for you and for your parents.  You are REALLY going to college next year!  We may not know where yet, and it may not be where that first acceptance letter came from – but this makes it official.  You are college material!  You just need to pull some information together, send your test scores, and let it go.

You’ll probably get some good news quickly, if you do.

Oh and that acceptance letter our client received?  It’s from the University of Iowa.  Go Hawkeyes!


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