Which Test Scores Should I Send To Colleges?

As your high school senior (eek!  we’re a senior now!) moves through college applications, you may find yourself with a question that hadn’t occurred to you before:  Which test scores should I send to colleges? The answer (frustrating, we know – this is the answer to most every question parents ask us!) is “it depends.” … Read more

College Application Stuff: Transcripts, Recommendations, Test Scores, Portals

Tulane's Application Portal

Colleges receive different pieces of information about applicants from different sources.  This post will give you details on important pieces that you must do to finalize your applications. REQUESTING TRANSCRIPTS You need to follow your school’s policy about requesting transcripts.  They may ask you to request them on paper; they may charge you a fee.  … Read more

Done Testing? Send Scores NOW!

With college application season is fully upon us, we frequently get questions about when students should submit the different pieces of their college applications.  Most colleges will require some combination of these items to make a complete application file: application (sometimes with essay embedded into it) high school transcript test scores teacher recommendations application fee … Read more

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