Which Test Scores Should I Send To Colleges?

As your high school senior (eek!  we’re a senior now!) moves through college applications, you may find yourself with a question that hadn’t occurred to you before:  Which test scores should I send to colleges? The answer (frustrating, we know – this is the answer to most every question parents ask us!) is “it depends.” … Read more

Done Testing? Send Scores NOW!

With college application season is fully upon us, we frequently get questions about when students should submit the different pieces of their college applications.  Most colleges will require some combination of these items to make a complete application file: application (sometimes with essay embedded into it) high school transcript test scores teacher recommendations application fee … Read more

Senior Decisions are Coming!

A quick little video message from Evelyn! Seniors – you’ll have your decisions by the end of the month!  Please consider sending e-mail notes to the college admissions officers from the colleges you DON’T plan to attend just to let them know you’re going somewhere else, and to thank them for their efforts.  Colleges put … Read more

The New SAT: What You Need To Know

As you may know, the SAT will be changing in the spring of 2016.  That means current high school freshmen and younger students will take a different version of the SAT.  [Students just finishing their sophomore year will likely take the SAT no later than the fall of their senior year, which would be fall … Read more

News and Myths About Standardized Tests

Several times each year, a rumor starts swirling.  “Is it true that the January SAT is easier?”  “I heard that the October ACT has pre-calculus concepts on it.” So here’s the truth:  It’s poppycock. “The myths keep circulating,” says Los Angeles-based SAT/ACT prep expert Hart Gilula, “but there are no easy or hard test dates.”  … Read more

A Few Thoughts About The SAT and ACT

The SAT will be administered tomorrow.  I’ve assembled a little bit of information about the SAT and ACT into this one post with some downloadable documents. Juniors can take the SAT several times between now and when their college applications are submitted this fall (UC and Cal State Applications are submitted/due in 31 weeks, many … Read more

SAT Cheating Leads to New Rules

On the heels of an SAT cheating scandal uncovered on New York’s Long Island, the College Board, which administers the SAT, will now require students to upload a photograph of themselves when registering for the test, and then provide a photo ID when they take the test. Students had been caught paying other students to … Read more

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