Five Things An Independent College Counselor Can Do For Your Student

Five things an independent #college counselor can do to help your high school student explore and apply to college! — Evelyn Alexander (@EvelynMagellan) January 29, 2015 Spend the time that you AND your student need to understand the process and come up with the best results.  Unfortunately, public school counselors have such large caseloads … Read more

Working With An Independent Educational Consultant

Many people think that only superstar, top-scoring students can benefit from working with an independent educational consultant (IEC).  Not true!  In reality, IECs help students at all academic performance levels find the best education for the best value. Independent educational consultants often have more flexibility and more time to spend with each student, as they … Read more

College Admissions – Great Info for Parents

Being a member of several professional organizations dedicated to helping high school students prepare for, search for and apply to college gives us access to resources that we can share with our clients.  NACAC, the National Association for College Admission Counseling, offers a number of informational flyers and other materials, and I recently saw their … Read more

What does Professional Development Mean for College Counselors?

College counseling is a profession without set professional standards.  That is, there is no one governing body that licenses people who offer the services that Magellan College Counseling offers.  So if you are thinking about hiring an independent college counselor, how can you know that they are qualified to do what they say they can … Read more

On The Road Again….

I spent all of last week in Oregon, visiting colleges that are small, under 1,500 students, and huge, over 20,000, and everywhere in between.  When I visit colleges, I take pictures, talk to students, and write up my impressions of each school. I’m leaving tonight for North Carolina, where I’ll visit the schools you’ve heard … Read more

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