More About Grade Inflation

Did you know that almost half of all graduating high school seniors in 2016 had an “A” average GPA? Almost half. We posted this article on grade inflation last year, but it’s worth returning to this topic as it’s important for you, as a parent, to know what college admissions officers are talking about. Last … Read more

Getting Into College

One of our clients’ parents recently forwarded an email from his alumni association – he attended an Ivy League university.  The message was sent to alumni who are involved in interviewing students for this particular university, and it noted that of the about 35,000 applications this university received last fall from the Class of 2018, … Read more

High-Pressure College App Sales Tactics

You’re bombarded with information – and sales pitches – from colleges, and from services insisting they can help your child get into college.  Your inbox is overflowing; the e-mails seem breathless:  VISIT NOW!  APPLY NOW!  SIGN UP NOW! We get it.  We’re bombarded with information and sales pitches too.  I was on a webinar last … Read more

Motivation and Timing in the College Search Process

The more accurate title of this post should be, “The Importance of Motivating Your Son/Daughter About College in TIME for it to Matter,” but that seemed too long. I was with a rising senior recently.  He had fallen in love – head over heels in love – with a large state university in another state.  … Read more

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