What You Need To Know About Wait Lists

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If you’ve received a college wait list offer, you may be wondering how this will impact your decision-making process.  Here is a bit of information that may help you make some decisions! If I get a college wait list offer, should I take it? Most colleges require you to opt-in to accept a place on … Read more

Applying to the UCs

[Note:  this is a pretty long article – but chock-full of great info if you are applying to the UCs!] Lisa Przekop’s son was denied admission at UCSB a few years back.  She’s in good company – many students were not admitted – but she’s the Director of Admissions at UCSB.  Admission to the University … Read more

Evelyn Alexander Becomes Certified Educational Planner

Magellan founder Evelyn Alexander earned the Certified Educational Planner, or CEP, designation, in 2016.  One of only 27 educational consultants in the state of California to earn this title, Evelyn was required to take an extensive exam that tested both her institutional knowledge, as well as her ethical and professional standards. Certified Educational Planners are … Read more

Finding Fit for One Magellan Counselor

At Magellan, counselors work with students to help them find a college that is the right “fit” – a place that they can call home for the next four years and thrive.  As a class dean at Wellesley College, I worked with the members of my class, helping each student to achieve her academic and … Read more

Magellan’s Summer Essay and College App Workshops – 2016

Magellan College Counseling will host four workshops for rising seniors – students in the Class of 2017 – in August. Here’s the schedule: Saturday, August 20 – 10 am-1 pm:  Essay workshop #1 [Woodland Hills] Sunday, August 21, 11 am-2 pm:  Essay Workshop #2 [Century City] Saturday, August 27, 10 am-1 pm:  Application Boot Camp … Read more

Getting Started With College Admissions

One of the greatest sources of stress in the college admissions process is this:  WHERE DO WE START?! We recorded a short webinar that can help you start thinking about a few big questions.  This is great information for parents of students just entering high school. What do colleges consider in the application process? What … Read more

Teens, Mental Health and College Applications

As college advisors, we focus on reducing the stress of the college application process.  We help students look at the wide variety of colleges out there (there are 2,200 four-year colleges in the U.S. – and many of them – beyond just the top ranked ones – provide an excellent educational experience for students!).  Parents … Read more

Summer Plans – Do Something Worthwhile!

I was on a panel last week at a counselors’ conference, and an admissions representative from MIT said something that really resonated with me. "It's what you've done, not what you've won." – Sarah G, @MITAdmissions #IECA — Evelyn Alexander (@EvelynMagellan) May 4, 2016 Here’s what that means:  Colleges are looking for the real you, … Read more

UCs and CSUs – Issues to Consider

There have been a few recent articles in the LA Times which should give pause to California students and parents considering any of the UC or CSU campuses.  Many parents believe that our public university system is the best value education for their child.  We challenge our clients to do some research before coming to … Read more

Dialing Down the College Craziness

Last week I posted this article on Magellan’s Facebook page (hey – have you “liked” that page yet?  We post lots of great tidbits there!).  Someone commented that it always seems that the people who write pieces like this, advising (sometimes admonishing) parents to dial back the pressure on high school students with regard to … Read more

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