Should I Apply Early Decision?

Before answering the question, “should I apply Early Decision,” we need to get our terminology clear: Early Decision is a BINDING contract between the student and the school.  If you are admitted, you are going, no ifs, ands or buts (the one exception to this is if you are not offered a financial aid package … Read more

Some Early Action and Early Decision Data for the Class of 2015

A good number of colleges with EA and ED plans (remember the difference? I talk about it here) have released their admission decisions.  As with last year, the early pools at many highly-selective colleges are increasingly competitive, sometimes with acceptance rates just as competitive as the regular decision pool. For example, Georgetown University in Washington … Read more

The Sound of College Decisions…In December?

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of pure joy – the sound of the student who was admitted to her first choice college – the college whose binding Early Decision application she submitted on November 1. But that other sound you hear in the background – that sound of confusion and frustration?  That’s the … Read more

Early Action, Early Decision – More Info

I posted this short video in which I talk about the difference between Early Decision (BINDING) and Early Action (not binding) a few months back, but now that it’s October, students and parents are looking more closely at these options for college admission. This image below shows the differences between the various types of admission … Read more

Early Decision and Early Action DETAILS

What’s the difference between Early Decision and Early Action?  Here’s a quick explanation of the difference between these two college admission timing options. Not all colleges offer early decision and early action options.  You can usually find out what admission plans are available on each college’s website. Colleges appreciate and reward early applications; by applying … Read more

The Waiting is Almost Over!

The countdown has begun for high school seniors – you should hear your admissions decision by the end of this month.  The waiting is almost over! I volunteer at two high schools, and yesterday I met with my new group of juniors at one of them, just starting their college exploration.  Our meeting was punctuated … Read more

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