Changes to the SAT Coming!

Every few years, the College Board makes changes to the SAT.  I ran into Rob Franek, Editor-in-Chief of the Princeton Review, at a recent conference, and he was kind enough to speak with me briefly about the SAT changes for U.S.-based students starting next spring (2024).

How is the SAT changing?

  1. No more #2 pencils! The SAT will be digital, no longer on paper.
  2. The test is shorter.  Instead of 3+ hours, it's just a little over 2.
  3. The test is now adaptive by module.  This means your performance on the first group of questions will determine if you get the easier or harder set of questions next.  You will have the opportunity for a higher score with the harder set of questions.
  4. The reading sections will feature shorter passages with just one or two questions each, instead of a long battery of questions referring back to the reading.
  5. Some math questions will have greater weight in your score than others.
  6. You'll get your score MUCH faster!  Within a few days, instead of weeks.

This fall (2023), the PSAT will be digital, and based on the new exam structure.

I also reached out to Eric Rath, who has two decades of experience in prepping students for the SAT and the ACT, to give me a more detailed explanation of how the new "adaptive" test will work, and how the shorter test will feel to test-takers.  In the video to the left, Eric shares some important details about how the new SAT will differ in content and structure from the current version.

Keep in mind that test scores have declined in importance - significantly - since parent-aged folks applied to college.  When we applied, test scores were tremendously important!  These days, colleges consider a whole host of information aside from academic markers, like grades and test scores, as they build their class and campus community.  You can read more about how the test-optional movement has grown over the past few years here.

If you're looking for a great YouTube channel with free tips on how to improve your SAT score, look no further than the @SetteleTutoring channel!  Mike has tips on everything from strategy to content, including a new Digital SAT Study Guide playlist.

If you have questions about how changes to the SAT will impact your college admission experience, give us a call or get in touch!  We're happy to be your trusted experts on this exciting journey.

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