Author Encourages Summer Reading

I wrote a short article for the Westwood-Century City Patch recently about how students can keep summer cobwebs away by continuing to work on math and reading throughout their time away from school.  I just learned about author James Patterson’s READKIDDOREAD program, which is a collaboration with Patch and wanted to share this resource with you.

READKIDDOREAD suggests tips for helping children of all ages love reading.  There are reading lists for all age groups, lesson plans for teachers, book reviews by category (boys, girls, classics, etc.)

This Top Ten Tips list has great suggestions on how parents can read with their kids, allow kids to choose their own books and not make reading a chore.

I met today with a Stanford graduate who now offers SAT prep for high school students, and his recommendation mirrored Patterson’s – read every day, even if it’s just for 10 or 20 minutes.  This simple step will help your student stay on top of their classes and prepare for standardized tests, even if they are just reading for pleasure.

Check out the READKIDDOREAD Facebook page as well.  It’s great to see an author taking more than an active interest in getting kids of all ages to read by actually helping parents and teachers make reading fun.

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