Questions to Ask An Independent College Counselor

Just like matching your student with the right college, you should interview an independent college counselor (or sometimes we call ourselves independent educational consultants) to make sure that you agree with their approach to your child’s college search and application process.  You should confirm that your independent college counselor (or IEC) is the right fit for YOU and your student.

At Magellan, we approach this process in two phases:  Phase 1 is the College Search phase, and Phase 2 is the College Application phase.  Many people skip Phase 1 and jump right into Phase 2, which can end up with disappointing and frustrating results.  We believe that a robust search phase will give you a strong, balanced college list with lots of great choices!

Here’s a short video with some thoughts on questions you could ask the counselors you interview.

This document, published by the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), has a handful of additional questions you could ask.

If you’re looking to hire an independent college counselor or IEC, we offer a free phone/Zoom consultation.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule your meeting!

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