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Top Tips To Reduce College Admission Stress

Our phone has been ringing off the hook this week, mostly parents of seniors.  They’re panicked.  Stressed.  Frantic.  They’re starting late – not too late, but late enough that their stress level, and their teenagers’ stress levels, are super high.  

Our job is to reduce stress – yours and theirs.  So here are four tips to help you #StressLess during your child’s college application process:

Start early:  the later you start, the more you’ll have to get done in a rush – not your best work.

Have a balanced list:  the biggest fear students have is “not getting in anywhere.”  If you apply to a broad list of colleges, including a few that you are 100% sure will admit you, that won’t happen!  More on balancing your college list here.

Let the student lead: it’s their college journey; itheir voice needs to come through in the essays.  Let them make choices and decide how they want to present themselves.  And be proud of them!

Know the financial aid basics: Some colleges, but NOT ALL, give merit aid. Know your EFC.  More on that here.

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Parent Corner

College Admissions Testing
  • Some colleges are making the decision to not require the SAT or ACT for the Class of 2021, and some for future classes as well.
  • Should your student still take the SAT or ACT?  Will they benefit from a test-optional process or not?
  • It depends.  Call us to discuss.
Host A Virtual “College Info” Seminar For Friends

Are your friends starting to think about (read: get anxious about!) college?  You can host a private virtual college admissions information seminar for your friends or fellow “pandemic pod” parents!  We can tailor our presentation for parents of 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade students, or a combination.


With most high schools online/virtual this fall, students may have less access to their school counselor than usual.

Our team of trained, professional counselors provide personalized guidance to make the college application process more organized and less stressful for high school students and their families.  Get in touch – our initial phone call is free!


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