MaggieSez: College Admissions News – June 2019

Summer With a Purpose 

Sam is headed for Boston University, and Alexandra to Georgia Tech this fall! They had a great time at LACES’ prom!

Congratulations to all of our seniors as you graduate and move on to the exciting next step – COLLEGE!

We’ve assembled some checklists and to-do lists for everyone else:

Rising Senior Summer Checklist (Class of 2020 – here we go!!)

Summer Checklist for Rising Sophomores and Juniors

Researching College Websites

Magellan Resources Page
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Colleges Visited in California
Colleges Visited Outside of California

Questions People Ask Us Regularly 

Parent Corner

College Admissions Testing
Host A “College Info” Seminar
For Friends

…In the comfort of your own living room!

Are your friends starting to think about (read: get anxious about!) college?  Please get in touch if you are interested in hosting a college admissions information seminar at your home.  We can tailor our presentation for parents of 8th, 9th, 10th or 11th grade students, or a combination.

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Parent-to-Parent Advice
Lessons Learned: Class of 2019 College Admissions Results

Studying Engineering in College

More on College Counseling Ethics
California Public University Apps UP UP UP

More About Grade Inflation
The Black Box of a College Admission Decision
College Rankings
Building Your College List

A Practical Approach to Getting College Scholarships

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