October, 2014

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October, 2014

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SAT and ACT Info

  • SAT (next exams: 11/8, then 12/6)
  • ACT (next exams: 10/25, then 12/13)

Free Initial Consultation policy:  Magellan is happy to meet with students and families for a free 60-minute consultation.  Subsequent meetings will be subject to hourly rates, which will be credited back for those who sign up for Magellan’s comprehensive college counseling plan.

Host a College Admissions Seminar for Friends!

Are your kids in 9th, 10th or 11th grades? We are available to give a free “College Admissions 101”seminar in the comfort of your home for parents of high school students.  Your friends will thank you for the opportunity to learn more about the process.  Call or e-mail for more information.

Reminder:  Magellan’s comprehensive college counseling plan includes 35 hours of meetings/ assistance from the first day of the student’s junior year.  Parents of juniors – contact us now to schedule your first meeting!

November, 2014 Newsletter HERE

Why Are College Applications SO Stressful?

I’ve gotten over a dozen phone calls in the last week from parents of high school seniors who thought they were on top of their college admissions search.  They have a list (but it’s mostly reach schools), they’ve started one essay (but there are really three big essays, plus supplements) or worse – they don’t have either a list or essays done.  And they’re taking the SAT or ACT one more time this month or next.

The college admissions process does not have to be stressful.  Just like any other process, the key is to not wait until there is only a limited amount of time to get everything done.  Exploring colleges – really looking to find the ones that are a solid match for your student’s academic talents, extra-curricular interests and personality – is not something that can be done in a few weeks.  It takes reading, looking online, visiting in person, attending information sessions and really digging to find those colleges.  And it works best if the STUDENT – not the parents – takes ownership of the search. 

The bottom line is this: students who start looking at colleges in their junior year are much better situated in the fall of their senior year than those who didn’t.  Most of our clients who have been working with us since last year finalized their lists long before their friends, are confident that they will have multiple acceptance letters from which to choose, and now, the first week in October, are deep into revising and finalizing their main essays, if not their supplements.  And the majority of our clients are done taking the SAT or ACT.

Teenagers get stressed when they feel cornered.  And when they feel they will be rejected.  And when they feel that they aren’t in control.  And remember, all of this college stuff is on top of keeping up with AP Physics (which is really hard!) or other challenging courses that seniors are taking, despite the fact that they were told that junior year was supposed to be the hardest year.  And a stressed out teenager usually means a tense time for the whole household.

So the solution is sort of simple – don’t be that parent who calls for help in October!  Starting early will reduce the stress for everyone in the family.  Happy teenager, happy home!


Send colleges your SAT/ACT scores!
If you’re not taking tests again – don’t wait – send your scores now!

  • Determine which colleges on your list superscore.
  • If they superscore – send all scores!  If they don’t – just send your highest sitting (UCs do not superscore).
  • Only send scores to ONE UC campus – they will share.
  • If you’re applying to more than one CSU campus:
    • send SAT scores to CSU Mentor (code 3594)
    • send ACT scores to just one campus and then release scores to other campuses.

Finalize that college list!
Then you can figure out how many applications you  need to fill out and supplemental essays you need to write!


Send us your essays for professional review and feedback!  Send Magellan both of your UC essays, your Common Application essay and up to three short supplements (<300 words).  Two professional college advisors will review and return them with comments that will help you revise and improve your essays!  Of course we will check for spelling and grammar – but we’ll help you make sure your essays are strong and tell the best story you can tell.
This service has a flat fee of $400.
Contact us for more information!

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