April, 2013

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April, 2013

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I have a few College Admissions presentations coming up in May at private homes. Please e-mail me if you’d like to be invited!

College Visits

I’ll be visiting 18 colleges in PA, MO, IN and OH between April 7 and April 18.  I’ll be posting photos and brief comments on Magellan’s Facebook  page, and full reviews when I return.  Please visit regularly!
April Brings College Decisions!

This month’s newsletter will be short and sweet, as I prepare for a 12-day trip, visiting 18 colleges in four states! April rolls around and that means college decision letters are here!!  Seniors should have heard from all of the colleges to which they applied by now.  Don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments!!!  (Here’s my blog post on celebrating acceptances and not dwelling on rejections.)

The national deadline for students to decide where they will attend, and place deposits, is May 1.  Keep in mind that you are not allowed to “buy time” by placing a deposit at more than one college (think about it this way – if you deposit at two colleges, you are taking up a space that another student on the wait list would love to have.  This is unfair to the college and to the students on the wait list.  See the College Board’s “Application Ethics” for more information on this – scroll down to “Double Deposits.”)

Advice for Parents of 9th and 10th Graders

I have focused much of the content in my newsletters on high school juniors and seniors, and their parents.  But I frequently receive inquiries from parents with 9th or 10th graders, asking what they can do to help their students prepare for college now.  Here are a few thoughts for younger students:

  • Keep grades up!  Ninth grade grades count at most private and out of state colleges.  This is honestly the MOST important thing your student can do.
  • Delve into extra-curricular activities.  Start a few activities that you can stick with for a few years, and that have meaning to you, now, so that in 2 years you can hold a leadership position.
  • Encourage reading.  You’ve been doing this since your child was a tot; now is when it matters.  Set aside an hour a week, or a designated time, to have everyone in the family read for pleasure together.  Reading improves vocabulary and enhances comprehension, both of which will be measured in standardized tests in the coming years.  This list contains the 100 most recommended readings for college freshmen – most of these are a bit heavy but will help your student read at a high level.
  • Talk about college with adults in your child’s life.  Leave no doubt that your student WILL attend college.  If students believe that college is the only and best option after they graduate from high school, they will be focused on that as the natural  next step.
  • Visit colleges in your area.  Take the mystery out of college!  Visit a college campus and speak to students.  Most are more than happy to talk to you about their life at school – academic and social.  Let your child see that this could be their exciting future!

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