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September 4, 2012

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The 75 Biggest Myths About College Admissions
Dr. Jerry Israel, former President, University of Indianapolis

The Hidden Ivies: 50 Top Colleges That Rival the Ivy League 
Howard Greene and Matthew Greene

Back to School – Kick the College Search Into Gear!

As we return to our school year schedules, high school students can and should make time for college search activities. Here’s what students in all grades can be doing right now:

Seniors:  If your college list isn’t yet final, finalize it ASAP. You will immediately be able to determine which of the colleges on your list are members of the Common Application, and how many applications you will need to complete. You can’t start the UC or the CSU applications just yet, but you can start your Common App account, fill in most (if not all) of the information, and start writing your essays. You can also start writing your UC personal statement, because you already know what the prompts are (click here)!

Juniors:  Schedule about a half hour per week this semester to look at colleges, review test prep material, or do something related to your college search. The more you do now, the less stressed you will feel (and your parents will feel) down the road. That half hour should increase to an hour per week next semester. Looking for a good college search site? Try Cappex or the College Board’s Big Future website.

Freshmen and Sophomores:  Explore clubs within your school and join one or two that you think you can really stick with for a few years! This year will lay the foundation for the leader you will be a few years from now. If you aren’t excited by any clubs at your school, take a look around your community – look for interesting organizations and volunteer opportunities. Colleges are looking to see that you have passion, which is often defined by years of involvement.

SAT and ACT Information
The ACT will be administered this coming weekend, and then again on October 27.  The registration deadline for the 10/27 test is September 21; register

The next SAT is the first week in October, and the registration deadline is THIS FRIDAY.  You can sign up HERE.

Both the SAT and ACT have free test prep resources on their websites (SAT and ACT).  If you are interested in test prep courses or in-home tutoring, please call me (877-5-MAGGIE (877-562-4443)) for a referral.

If you are the parent of a sophomore or junior who is interested in taking a practice SAT or ACT
, Revolution Prep is offering very low-cost practice exams at High Tech Los Angeles, on the campus of Birmingham Community Charter High School in Van Nuys.  Each practice test is $10.

The practice ACT will be offered on October 20, 2012 – click here to sign up.
The practice SAT will be offered on January 26, 2013 – click here to sign up.

Upcoming Events
I’ll be giving a SHORT (10-minute) presentation called “Selecting the Right College: A Mutual Choice” at the JNET networking group on Sunday, September 23rd at 9 am, at KM Synagogue, 1715 21st Street in Santa Monica.  Come network with us!

I will also be presenting a 2-part series at Adat Shalom, on Tuesday, October 16th and Tuesday, October 23rd, both evenings at 7:30 pm.  Click here for more information (pdf).

Free Seminars!

Do you have friends whose kids are in 9th, 10th or 11th grades? I am available to give a free College Admissions 101 seminar. You provide the location and a dozen (or more) parents.
  And if your friends are already knowledgeable about college admissions, broaden your horizons with my Hidden Gem Colleges presentation.  You know about Harvard, Stanford and Yale, but let me share some little-known colleges that could be a great fit for your student.  Call or e-mail for more information.

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