Missing College Application Deadlines is Preventable

Anna, a Cleveland High School CORE Magnet student, wanted to go to college, but she struggled with a problem many high schoolers face: procrastination. She wasn’t super-strong academically, and saw herself just going to a community college. She completed her assignments at the very last minute, and wasn’t organized about her college search. There are many deadlines when applying to college, and missing college application deadlines is just not an option.

Missing college application deadlines
Missing college application deadlines can prevent procrastinators from getting into college. But Anna got into ASU!

Anna’s parents were understandably worried because college has even more deadlines and demands on your time! Anna needed to learn how to prioritize and schedule herself well to succeed in college. With time management skills in mind, I helped her realize that she was actually well-prepared for a university.

We built a college list together and I gave her deadlines for college applications so she could feel that the process was manageable. By giving Anna a taste of college deadlines before she set foot on the campus, I helped her see exactly how she could change her own habits and succeed. When Anna was admitted to the University of Arizona, her parents sent their thanks in this note:

“Evelyn was a masterful college counselor on so many levels… She developed an application plan with our daughter, kept her on track with deadlines and gave positive encouragement and support throughout the process. We are thrilled that the college search was completed most successfully with many wonderful options from which our daughter will choose!” — Michael and Marla

College can be a challenge, and turning in assignments late is rarely an option. Missing college application deadlines is also a big problem. There are deadlines for registering for standardized tests, deadlines for requesting transcripts and teacher recommendations, deadlines for submitting college applications, deadlines for essays…and the list goes on.

One of the things we do at Magellan College Counseling is to make sure our students know what the deadlines are and keep them on track for meeting them. We help students avoid missing college application deadlines, and in the process we help students like Anna build self-esteem and feel personally responsible for the goals they accomplish.

If your child is similarly “time challenged,” give us a call. You might be surprised how they step up to the challenge during the college application process. Contact us and let’s see how we can help.

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