January 2022 Presentations

This page is especially for families who attended one of our January, 2022 presentations.  Thank you for attending!

Below you can download the slide deck of the presentation we gave – and you’ll see we skipped a few slides so there’s more here than we discussed!  All the links in this pdf are hyperlinked.

Magellan College Counseling Presentation 2022

Additionally, here are a few more resources that may answer some common questions (this is kind of the “greatest hits” of our blog):

We have a three-part series on financial aid:
First segment:  how college financial aid works
Second segment: how MERIT aid works
Third segment:  College ROI

Here are some big-picture topics:

People frequently ask us where and how to start building their college list.  Despite what most people think, rankings are not the best place to start.  As you will learn in this post and the embedded webinar, rankings don’t tell you if a college is good or right for YOUR CHILD.  So if the rankings aren’t the right  place to start, what is?  Here are 3 posts to help you get started:

We also strongly recommend some introspection – on the part of your teen – before you start putting actual college names on the list.  Think about the KIND OF ENVIRONMENT in which they’ll be happy and successful, instead of starting with college names.  Here’s a resource to help with that introspection:

Cappex self-assessment, priorities and College Pie

We hope these resources help.  You’ll find even more on our Resources page (keep checking back as we add things all the time!).  You can subscribe to our newsletter on the “Contact Us” page, and you can see all of our archived newsletters on this page.  We also invite you to “Like” our Facebook page, where we post lots of interesting articles and information.

Check out our FREE COLLEGE ADMISSION CLINIC, where you can dive deeply into a variety of topics related to college admission, with videos, blog posts and downloadable resources you can watch and read at your own pace.

If you feel you’d like some extra one-on-one guidance as your child goes through the process, feel free to get in touch through the “Contact Us” page.  We’re happy to help!

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