I’ve Been Deferred – Now What?

Question mark blueStudents who applied early to some colleges may find themselves in the uncomfortable position of having to wait longer than they had expected.  Some colleges defer early applicants to the regular pool.  “This can’t be good,” you might think, should that e-mail or letter arrive telling you to hold on just a little longer.  Not true!  But the best response should be a combination of “continue to show them your best” – maybe by sending them an additional teacher recommendation, or essay showing them specifically why you are a great match for that school – but also “move on and fall in love with someone else.”  A deferral is not a rejection!  But there are no guarantees.  And some students may be put off by a deferral, which may tamper the enthusiasm that had once existed.

This student has just the right balance (with a hint of outrage and defensiveness) that the deferred student should have.

Even though this post is from a year ago, the advice is timeless and the numbers for this year’s class are updated at the bottom.


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