It’s Hard to Hit Submit

red-submit-buttonAround the end of September each year, I start to notice a familiar phenomenon.  Students who’ve put a good amount of time into their college search, created a strong and balanced list (see this video post for more on that!) and spent time drafting and revising their essays should be ready to submit at least a few college applications at this point.  Right?

Submitting applications is the hard part.  Because it means letting go and passing the responsibility on to the colleges.  “Do you love me or don’t you?”  This is the scary part.

It’s September 26th and one of our clients just received her first college acceptance of the season yesterday.  She worked through the application, wrote and edited responses to the short essays this college required, and let it go.  It was hard – but the reward was that she knows she’s going to college!  This one may not be her first choice – but she has an acceptance in her back pocket.

So here’s my advice.  You know you’re going to submit the applications eventually.  You can hold off until the very last second – risking that inevitable Common App logjam that happens as thousands of students try to submit applications three minutes before midnight on a deadline day, or the inevitable UC application crash on November 30th – or you can just submit a few applications NOW.

The UC application opened on August 1 and you can’t submit it until November 1.  The CSU application is available next week – October 1 – and you can submit it any time.  Applications for many of the large out-of-state schools to which California students apply (see this post for links to application portals) are available now and can be submitted any time.

Wouldn’t it feel great to open up an e-mail letting you know you’ve been accepted to college – within the next few weeks?

Magellan will host one final application workshop on Sunday, November 23 from 11 am to 2 pm.  This is the weekend before Thanksgiving and the weekend before the UC and CSU applications are due.  More information to come!


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