Calabasas High School College Counseling

Calabasas High School College Counseling
Calabasas High School College Counseling is available… but is it right for your student?

Calabasas High School serves areas of Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills and parts of Los Angeles. Like other public high schools, Calabasas has a college counseling office to help students applying to college.

How Calabasas High School College Counseling Works

As a Calabasas High School student, your child will receive college advice from one of CHS’s guidance counselors, assigned based on your last name. Calabasas High School’s student enrollment is about 1,800 students. Your child’s counselor may have 350+ other students assigned to them for counseling services.

Calabasas counselors have several roles at the high school, and work as guidance counselors and behavioral counselors for students, as well as their college counseling responsibilities.

Unfortunately, Calabasas High School college counselors may not have enough time to give personalized college guidance to every student on their roster. Your student’s first “getting to know you” session to discuss college may not be until his or her senior year.

Calabasas High School has helped your child flourish with educational and personal growth, and your child has worked hard for a well-rounded school experience, with good grades, extracurricular activities and club memberships. Soon it will be time for you to make the next step of investing in your child’s future.

You will potentially invest tens of thousands of dollars in your child’s college education, so you want to make sure that he or she ends up at the right college.

How can you help ensure that they’ll not only find that right college, but also be admitted?

Prepare For College Early

Senior year shouldn’t be the beginning of college counseling for Calabasas High School students, it should be the continuation. Planning for college for your child should begin long before their senior year, and should include:

  • Starting in 9th or 10th grade, the student should take the right classes they need for their target college and major.
  • Preparing for and taking the SAT and ACT tests at the right time.
  • Finding and applying for college financial aid options.
  • Researching and preparing a college list during 11th grade.
  • Finishing a college essay draft before senior year begins.

…And this is just the start of the college planning process!

College preparation takes time and dedication. Calabasas High School college counselors, like most public school employees, have the summer off. But your child’s college preparation needs to continue over summer, not stop! You and your child could be on your own during those important months before senior year.

The Answer: Private College Counseling

For this important next step for your child’s future, you need a professional college counselor. Magellan College Counseling has independent college counselors who have one single commitment: getting your child into the right college.

Magellan College Counseling’s services begin with us getting to know your student beyond grades and test scores. We look at their hopes, their goals and their talents. Then we match your student with a professional college counselor from our expert team. This relationship is one based on what’s best for your child.

Every counselor on our staff belongs to several professional college counseling organizations, and we uphold the strict ethical standards set by these associations. Our college counselors have personally visited colleges around the country to see what each college can offer. Our team has visited over 300 colleges and universities.

Each college counselor at Magellan has expertise in specialty subjects including STEM, athletics, engineering and more. The counselor matched to your child will patiently and expertly guide them through planning for college, finding the right college, and the final step – college applications.

Our counselors work with a limited number of students to make sure that your student gets the time and attention they need. We give personal attention to your student through the whole process. From those early hopes and dreams at the beginning, to receiving the multiple college acceptances at the end, we’ll be there for your student.

Our counselors have great success with getting Calabasas High School students into the colleges and universities of the students’ choice.

Curious about how Magellan College Counseling can help get your child into the right college? Then let’s get in contact! Reach out via our contact form or call us at 877-5-MAGGIE (877-562-4443).

Get started on your future, contact Magellan College Counseling today.

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