Hidden Gem Colleges

Did you know there are over 2,000 four-year colleges and universities in the United States?  Can you name them all?

Of course you can’t!  You can name the ones you know, the ones you and your friends attended, the ones you hear about in the media.  Our job as college counselors is to help you go beyond those names, and find the hidden gem colleges that you may not know about – but which may be a great place for you to continue your education!

Magellan counselors Caleb Fitzpatrick and Evelyn Jerome-Alexander share details about some of our favorite hidden gem colleges.  We discussed a few of the colleges in this presentation in-depth, and just gave a few nuggets of info about some of them.  You can download the full presentation here:

Magellan College Counseling – Hidden Gems (E&C)

Here’s a slightly different version, with a few more colleges that focus on the STEM fields:
Magellan College Counseling – Hidden Gems (STEAM)

You can learn more about each of the colleges we highlighted below:

UMass Lowell

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology    

University of Delaware

College of Wooster

Lynn University

Illinois Institute of Technology    

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Bradley University

University of Iowa

Kalamazoo College

Saint Louis University

DePauw University

Colorado School of Mines

Stevens Institute of Technology

We hope this advice and information is helpful as you prepare to start building your college list!  You can read all of our college writeups and see our photo albums from hundreds of college visits over the years in our College Knowledge Encyclopedia.

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