Helping Him Discover His Future and get into the Right College

How do you get into the right college when you don’t even want to fill out the application? Thomas, a Venice High School student, was interested in college, but mom was spearheading the process. As a student, Thomas was happy to let mom take over and do all of the research. While this had worked well for Thomas as a high school student, college requires independence and self-direction.

Get into the right college
How can you get into the right college when you don’t want to fill out the application? Magellan helped Thomas get admitted to Clark University!

That’s why my first goal for Thomas was to help him take control of his future, since I knew his sense of satisfaction and achievement would be much more powerful if he made his own decisions.

We met, and I worked with Thomas one-on-one for many months. I encouraged him to take ownership of the process, letting him know if mom did all the work, it wasn’t his success at the end. I even gave him homework to show him that preparing for college was about preparing for his future, not just “busywork.” When he was admitted, Thomas felt enormous pride about the college he chose himself. Thomas was admitted to Clark University, and his mother shared her happiness about his college acceptance with us.

“Working with Evelyn was a genuine pleasure … She loves building a great list and her enthusiasm, intelligence and positive attitude go a long way to bolstering a weary and worried senior through the seemingly endless process of all the step by step work that must be done to ensure your great kid is discovered and appreciated for all he is by an equally great school. And that’s exactly what happened.”

Some parents are disinterested in their child’s college application process, and others want to be very involved. In either case, it’s our job to help the student get into the right college by taking ownership of the process and being responsible for the out come. That’s how college works, and it should really start during the application process.

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