Happy New Year! Let’s Think About College!

I’ve been quiet for a little while as I helped my clients finalize their college applications – November and December were packed with activity!  I thought I would share this interesting list of the most popular majors from a recent CNN Study:


Many students who come to me mention some of these as potential areas of interest.  The question then becomes, where is the right place for them to pursue these interests?  And the journey begins.

I say this almost every time I talk to parents, and I’ll say it here as well: start early.  Parents of juniors, if you and your student start thinking about and exploring colleges now, you will have time to look at a broad list of colleges, going far beyond just the ones whose names you know.  If you wait until the fall, you will have to cram all of that effort into a shorter time frame, ramping up the urgency of finding “the perfect” school.  Let’s take the stress level down a few notches!  Here’s the piece I wrote recently for the Century City Patch in which I discuss this.

I also visited Boston University and Northeastern University last week.  Click the names for my impressions of each.  I have a busy spring of college visits planned, so keep an eye out for more college visit reviews!

And if you missed my January newsletter, it’s here.

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