Girl Scouts College Knowledge Resources

Troop 6876!

It was great to speak to you on Sunday!  Here are some resources to help you complete your College Knowledge Badge:

  • This brief self-assessment will help you think about what’s important to you as you start to build your college list:  Cappex self-assessment, priorities and College Pie
  • Use this form to track all of your activities, both in school and outside.  Don’t worry about the character limit for now.  Activities Template
  • If your school has a “brag sheet” for you to give to your counselor and/or teachers, use that.  If your school doesn’t have a template, you can use this one.
  • Here’s our short video to help you learn how to research college websites.  The infographic below highlights the main points!
  • When you visit colleges, fill out this worksheet for each one so you will remember what you liked and what you didn’t!


Additional Resources:

If you’d like a longer version of our “College Admissions” presentation, that’s here.

Our College Cost and Financial aid presentation/webinar is here.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or need help:

Sheryl Schreiber –

(Sheryl’s bio here)

Evelyn Jerome-Alexander –

(Evelyn’s bio here)



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