Great Personal Statement Gets B Student into College

Ryan, a High Tech Los Angeles student, was a good B average student, but he couldn’t express what made him a good candidate for college, which he would need to do for his personal statement. Applying to college requires students discuss their strengths and demonstrate why colleges should admit them. It was frustrating for him, because Ryan was a passionate singer with so much to offer, yet he couldn’t find a way to put his personality into a great personal statement.

Great Personal Statement
Your great personal statement can be the difference between being admitted by good colleges or great colleges.

I met with Ryan and helped him discover what makes him wonderful and unique — and how he could express those sentiments. We did many drafts to make his statement perfect, and he eventually found his (written) voice! This made his college applications stronger. He was admitted to Sonoma State and Ryan’s mother sent us her thanks.

“Thank you again for all your help, guidance and personal involvement….it made all the difference in the world for both of us.” — Leslie

Hundreds of thousands of students apply to college each year, and many of them have the very same set of grades that your child has. They may also have equally strong extra-curricular activities and equally strongtest scores. Often, getting into college depends on having a great personal statement or college essay.

We coach our clients through their personal statements just like we did for Ryan. Some kids are very much in tune with themselves and what makes them unique and special. Others find it difficult to talk about themselves, and most won’t do it with their parents!We help students write great personal statements and essays that get them to the colleges that fit them best, allowing them to write the next chapter in their story.

At Magellan College Counseling, we prepare our students for every part of the college application process. Are you or your child having a tough time applying to college? Contact us and let’s see how we can help.

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