Getting Started With College Admissions

2015-12-05 10.42.10One of the greatest sources of stress in the college admissions process is this:  WHERE DO WE START?!

We recorded a short webinar that can help you start thinking about a few big questions.  This is great information for parents of students just entering high school.

  • What do colleges consider in the application process?
  • What should we be doing now, if our kids are in 8th or 9th grade?
  • I keep hearing about “college fit.”  What does that really mean?
  • What resources are out there to help us build our college list?

This webinar, “Getting Started with College Admissions,” is just over a half hour and includes some great links and information.  If you’d like us to e-mail you the presentation (which has all of the links discussed), please contact us here.

Here’s the webinar – enjoy!

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