Getting into College with Bad Grades

Is getting into college with bad grades possible? Sarah, an El Camino Real Charter High School student, had several Ds and Fs from the beginning of high school, and these bad grades convinced her she couldn’t get into a 4-year college. After I started working with her in 11th grade, I showed her that she could improve her grades, and that she could do the work to get into and succeed in college.

Getting into college with bad grades
Getting into Whitworth University with bad grades was possible for Sarah.

I convinced her to go on several college visits, and she ended up falling in love with Whitworth University in Spokane. As a result of her visits, Sarah realized that community college wasn’t her only choice and she was finally able to visualize herself in college. After Sarah was admitted to Whitworth, her mother shared her appreciation in this note.

“Evelyn helped my daughter realize her potential and gave her the guts and determination to go beyond our state schools to seek the schools that focused on what she wants to pursue in life!” — Gina, Sarah’s mother.

Yes, getting into college with bad grades in high school is possible. It’s more difficult, but it’s possible…it just takes some hard work and a strategic approach to apply to college with this kind of history.

And that is exactly what we do at Magellan. Read more about our college counseling services or contact us to find out how we can help you and your child get into college…even with bad grades.

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