How To Find The Right College

How To Find The Right College
How To Find The Right College

Finding the right college can be frustrating, especially with so many great colleges out there. During my career as a college admissions counselor, I’ve visited campuses all across the United States and I can confidently tell you that there’s a college that’s right for your student!

But some parents worry. That’s why Higher Scores Test Prep interviewed me for their podcast. They asked me for my best college search tips, and to discuss how to find the right college that “fits” your student.

What you’ll discover is that it’s not about applying to a college that simply sounds great. So what is it about? Read on and listen to the podcast to get the full story.

In this episode, Evelyn and I discuss the fact that there is a college for every student – it’s just a matter of finding the right college for you. With over 2,200 four-year institutions in the United States alone, there is a place for everybody who wants to go to college. Evelyn provides us with some practical tips about how to…

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