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When parents call to inquire about our services, we make a point of letting them know that all of our counselors have a Certificate in College Counseling (from a variety of available programs), and that we are all involved in professional college advising organizations, which help us ensure that we continue to educate ourselves about changes in the college admission world – which these days have been frequent and significant.

We always tell people we’re not insulted if you talk with us and decide for some reason we aren’t the right team to help your child through their college admission process – but we want to make sure if you do hire someone, you hire someone who truly has the expertise and experience to guide you successfully.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who call themselves college counselors who don’t have the training all of Magellan’s counselors have.

Some of our counselors, in fact, are recognized as true experts in this field.

Melanie Tasoff is an expert in working with students who have any of a variety of learning challenges, including ADHD, dyslexia, students on the autism spectrum or who struggle with executive functioning.  She was recently invited to be a guest on the “Learn Smarter” podcast, hosted by Educational Therapists Rachel Kapp and Stephanie Pitts.

Evelyn Jerome-Alexander has been asked to share her 10 years of college admission expertise on several podcasts:

If you’re looking for help as your child applies to college, make sure to bring in someone who has the training, experience and ongoing professional development to provide accurate and quality guidance.  This post talks about how an independent educational consultant (IEC) can help your family through this exciting but sometimes stressful process, and here are some questions to ask when you interview an IEC, from the Independent Educational Consultants Association, one the professional organizations to which many of Magellan’s counselors belong.

Feel free to reach out for help if you need it!

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