Early Admission Explainer

Some colleges offer opportunities for students to apply early.  What do each of these different early admission options offer, who should apply this way, and how do they differ?

In the video to the right, Michelle explains Early Action, and Evelyn explains Early Decision, with a few examples of each.

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In short – you should apply when your application is the STRONGEST.  That means you need to compare your GPA with each college on your list and figure out how competitive you are in their applicant pool.  If you’re strong, and they offer an early admission option, you should consider it!  It’s great to get a decision by December.  Remember that EA is non-binding, and ED is binding – if you get in, that’s where you are going!  If getting solid grades in rigorous classes first semester senior year will make your application stronger, you might consider waiting until the regular decision.

If you’re considering EARLY DECISION – the binding one – download our checklist and make sure you can check off each of the items on the list:
ED checklist with infographic

If you feel like you need some help, please get in touch.  All we think about is college admission!  We’re happy to help you find success in your college search and application process.

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