Done Testing? Send Scores NOW!

With college application season is fully upon us, we frequently get questions about when students should submit the different pieces of their college applications.  Most colleges will require some combination of these items to make a complete application file:

  • application (sometimes with essay embedded into it)
  • high school transcript
  • test scores
  • teacher recommendations
  • application fee (usually submitted electronically when you submit the application)

Students seem surprised when we advise them to submit (or ask their school counselor to submit) some of these items now.  But for those students who have the ability to complete and send some of their application components now, it’s a great idea to just get it done!

For example, for seniors who will not be taking the SAT or ACT again, there’s absolutely NO reason not to send your scores to all of the colleges on your list – right now!  Colleges absolutely don’t care which item they receive first.  They’ll open a file for you, and wait for the rest of the items to come.  In fact, sending your scores now, instead of waiting until after you submit, will actually indicate your strong interest to the schools who take demonstrated interest into consideration!

Recently, many colleges have begun accepting self-reported scores as well – so you can save a little bit of money by self-reporting your scores through the Common Application, the Coalition Application or college-specific apps.

Here’s another way to save a little bit of money on sending test scores:  If you’re applying to multiple campuses within the UC system, you can just send your scores to ONE campus.  And if you’re applying to multiple campuses within the CSU system – same deal – send to just ONE Cal State campus.  They’ll each share within their own system.

What if you send scores to a college and then later decide not to apply?  It’s ok – you’re allowed to change your mind!  You’ve wasted a few dollars sending your scores, and you will probably get endless e-mails from the college, begging you to submit your application.  But don’t worry – they have thousands of other applications to read!

If you’re taking the SAT or ACT again, you may want to hold off on sending scores, so that you have the ability to send the best scores after you are done testing.

We’ll post another entry soon about teacher recommendations – how they work, how they are transmitted, when to ask.
Here’s our post that will help you decide WHICH test scores to send.

But if you’re done testing – send scores NOW!

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  1. Hi Evelyn! I still read your newsletter and share it often. Your’s is filled with great information. In fact, you make my job a little easier! Let me know if you ever come this way to check on Montana schools. MSU is just down the street! peace Sheri (from a PNACAC tour in 2013?)


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