Defining the ROI of Hiring a College Counselor

People often ask us what the ROI is – what the “deliverables” are – when they hire a college counselor.  While sometimes it’s hard to quantify the value of bringing in an outside expert to help your teenager through the process, we’d like to share some metrics about where our students are at this point in the application cycle.

Keep in mind that it’s October 26th.  There are 2 colleges with October 15 Early Action deadlines (UNC and Georgia Tech), and many colleges have November 1 early deadlines, with final deadlines that extend as late as February or March.

Magellan’s counselors are currently working with 51 seniors in the Class of 2017.

Debbie works with Aaron on his essay
Magellan counselor Debbie works on essays with Aaron, now a freshman at Tulane.

Of those students, 31 have submitted at least one college application, and those applications span across 70 unique colleges.

Nine of our clients have been admitted to at least one college.

Three of our clients have submitted Early Decision applications with November 1 deadlines.  [Early Decision means that this is their top-choice school, and if they are admitted, they will commit to attending.]

Of our 25 clients who will apply to UC campuses, 19 of them have completed all four UC essays and will be prepared to submit their application next week, during the first week that students are able to submit.  I’ve heard (though I haven’t confirmed) that about half of all of UC applications are submitted in the last 24 hours before the November 30 deadline.

As I was writing this post, the mother of one of our senior clients called me.  Her son received not one, but two college acceptances today.  She told me it was a momentous day in their household.  “If I had told you a year ago that your son would get his first college acceptances on October 26 of his senior year,” I started, and she interrupted to finish my thought.  “I would have just given you a blank check.”

We love reducing stress.  Getting results from colleges (early) makes that happen.
We love what we do!

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