December: College Decision Time! (Round 1)

Magellan students have been admitted to all of the colleges above – ALREADY!  That’s because they did their research early, spread out the work of writing essays and submitted their application in November – and sometimes even earlier!  Good news arrives early to those who get the work done early!  Over half of the students who worked with our team this cycle have at least one college acceptance – many of them have several – and our students have been offered over $6 MILLION in merit-based scholarships so far!

Some students have gotten bad news as well.  Those who roll the dice and apply to a super-selective school sometimes get bad news early – which honestly is not bad – that gives us the freedom to move on and fall in love with another college!  We understand a college denial can be difficult.  Here’s some great advice for parents whose kids have experienced this situation.

You may have gotten deferred by your top choice school – that means they want to re-evaluate your application with the larger pool of applicants, and with your first semester grades (that’s why we’ve been telling seniors to keep working hard in the fall!!).  It’s not a “no,” but there’s of course no guarantee in the end.  More on what you should do if you’ve been deferred here.

If you have a junior, spring semester is a great time to get the college search and application process started.

Give us a call to set up a free consultation to see if we can help your child get great results too!

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